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Graham Norton wrote a little essay called Why I love celebrity culture which perhaps illuminates my reasons for trolling the pop blogosphere-- I definitely have leftover childhood dreams of living "in a one-street hamlet somewhere in Cornwall"!

Of course, the only thing he's really forgetting is that those vile kids we all remember from school are the only ones willing to spend their time showing off for the papparazzi. There was a girl in my high school who would enter a room full of people and BURST into irritating song, all the while wearing a "modest" expression that said: it's okay to admire me for my MOXIE and my STAR POWER, you guys! Don't be afraid to request another song! (Everyone present was, of course, miserably uncomfortable during the whole spectacle.)

I'm not saying she was the type to eventually flash her ladybits to creepy, doughy men with telephoto lenses and coffee breath-- but, you know, I'm not saying she wouldn't go for that either.


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