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I saw a clip of Rich Little's performance at the White House Correspondents' Association's Dinner, and then I read the WaPo account of the evening, and the consensus seems to be: oh, Rich Little! You are so very old and out of touch! Also, not terribly funny!

And that is almost certainly the case. But I confess, within me there is something of a hope that he was so horrifically dull on PURPOSE, as a statement on what sort of humor is acceptable to a group of people who couldn't handle Colbert last year.

Or maybe it was the guy planning the event-- Steve Scully. I mean, his list of people to ask went like this:

Jay Leno
David Letterman
Billy Crystal
Jerry Seinfeld
Robin Williams
Rich Little

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? These are the only comedians in the country who were considered for this event? I find that baffling to the point of not even believing it. It's as if Scully listed the most well-known comedians in the country, who were also the least-likely ones to agree to do the event, and after the inevitable declines from all FIVE (seriously, FIVE PEOPLE) of them, he went for Little.

It is almost enough to convince me that Scully was maybe a fan of Colbert's scathing performance last year, and disgusted by the audience's inability to handle such honesty at their annual circle-jerk in formal wear. (Since, of course, every day with a press conference is a circle-jerk for the White House press corps and their Beloved Leader.) So maybe Scully gave them what he deserved-- tired old impersonations of Jimmy Carter, because that's the level of humor those people could handle.

Oh, and of course, Sanjaya. Which makes me wonder something else-- did have anything to do with the last presidential election? The state of the world is finally becoming clear to me.


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