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Right, so I have a problem with both of these headlines:

1. They have been keeping this porn story in HEAVY rotation on the website, and the article seems to be written at the expense of the guy who thought he was doing the right thing. Look, obviously, running into a neighbor's house with a sword is not a great idea-- but being that determined to prevent sexual assault? I'm having a hard time faulting him for that urge. I don't think this story is as wacky as CNN seems to think it is, given all the emphasis on the crusader living with his mom. It's such an easy-- no, LAZY dichotomy to exploit-- one guys lives with his mother, one guy lives alone and watches porn all day long, so guess which one is a loser!

Plus, pressing charges against someone who tried to save a woman from being raped? That's a much bigger douchebag move than anything else here.

2. Okay, WOW. What a clever little turn of phrase-- the Baptist Church is being TARGETED NEXT by sex abuse victims! Poor church! It would be so easy for this to be phrased in some other way-- "Sex abuse advocates urge Baptist Church to take steps," or "Baptist Church under pressure from victims of sex abuse."

But using the word "targeted" seems to imply some sort of unreasoning vendetta, which is exactly the opposite of what the article itself describes. If anything, the Survivors Network-- originally intended for those abused by priests in the Catholic Church-- has finally realized the extent of parallel abuse perpetrated-- and ignored-- by members of the Baptist Church clergy. Furthermore, representatives from the Baptist Church organization are responding to a call for accountability by saying-- get this-- NO CAN DO! Our hands are just TIED, and we feel awful about all the kids getting raped or whatever, but we certainly can't do anything about it.

That's it. That is their response to the revelation that Baptist ministers who abused children were often not punished, or sent away from one church only to end up preaching (and abusing) at another one.

So spare me, CNN. Portraying a man trying to stop a rape as a loser is bad enough, but to then portray actual victims of sexual assault as heartless rampaging religion destroyers just emphasizes CNN's determination to write headlines that are as insulting as they are misleading.


Anonymous Kay Goodnow said...

Miss Elaine, you have posted my sentiments exactly! Nice to know there is someone else out there who understands the situation.

7:02 PM  

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